Anvil Special
Lateral & Longitudinal
Roller Assembly
December 2014
Anvil Fig. 75SD

Anvil’s new custom-designed roller assembly is made to customer specific loads, movements, temperature and environment. It is manufactured with a low profile and is available for all pipe sizes.

This innovative roller assembly was designed to replace a customer’s existing continuous roller system. In response to the customer’s request, Anvil developed and supplied this new design which will move and rotate with the pipe in the direction of thermal expansion along a stationary shaft and PTFE slide plates. The pictured rollers were for a 20" steam piping system with normal loads up to 5000 pounds and 800 pounds lateral, and required 21" of movement in either direction.  Anvil can accommodate movement ranges for most piping and equipment installations. 

This revolutionary design utilizes a PTFE slide bearing system composed of two elements and requires no maintenance. The anticipated travel of the upper cradle is under uniform load throughout the full movement of the lower slide element.

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