Anvil Expands Its Line of Constant Supports:
Heavy Duty Upthrust Constants

Anvil EPS, formerly ITT Grinnell, manufactures constant supports that are recognized world-wide for assuring uniform constant support throughout its entire range of deflection. Mathematically precise through its exclusive geometric design, Anvil constant supports counter-balance the load and spring moments about a main pivot point. Available in both vertical and horizontal configurations and in a variety of types to allow for flexible attachment to structural steel, Anvil’s constants can handle all of your support needs.

A special variation of Anvil constants is our upthrust constant support, Fig 81 H Type F. Upthrust constants support the piping or equipment from below. Previously only available in sizes 10-63, Anvil has expanded the line up to size 74. The new size range has maximum load capacities of 19,225 lbs to 36,700 lbs with a total travel range of 4 to 10 inches. The average installed height for these heavy duty upthrusts is 43 1/4".

Always taking safety into consideration, Anvil’s new design features a stabilizer plate which prevents the constant support from tipping over before installation, and makes handling, shipping and installation of our product safer. In addition, the travel stops are manufactured with high strength steel to support hydrostatic test loads of two times the normal operating load of the constant.

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    Carlos is demonstrating the effectiveness of the stabilizer plate.
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